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lepellepel Posts: 6Administrator
edited January 2017 in Fanart

For the first anniversary of my channel I'll be holding an art contest! Submit your artwork by replying to this topic!

How to post your artwork

At the bottom of this page you'll find a "Leave a comment" section (be sure to register and log in!) Just enter some text explaining what you made and then click the "Add Images" button below the text input box. Pick your artwork and submit it! Or alternatively you can tweet it to me on Twitter!

Contest rules

  1. Make sure you're subscribed to my channel
  2. Be creative and make art related to my channel, it can be a drawing, photo manipulation, painting, whatever you want. Don't just take a picture of me and add a filter.
  3. Submit your art on or before February 12th by replying to this topic or send it to my Twitter account

What if I win?

I will pick several artworks that I like after Feb 12th and hand out Steam keys to the winners. I'll make a video showing off the winning works of art!

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